freakin out--TRIGGERING!!!!

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    i question my sexuality everyday. i love women and their attributes but at the same time i love the feeling of being with men. im bi and i know it. but today i put on a chain of mine and first thing i thought of was being with a man and have him <edit moderator total eclipse triggerings> just to that point. im scared. i dont know what to do. i have a gf but all i think about is being with a man.
    sorry if this is too graphic for some but i have no one to talk to about it and im scared. :(
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    I am sorry you are struggling with your sexuallity right now Have you talk to a councillor someone that could help you sort things out emotionally. It may help to talk to someone that does understand h ugs Keep posting okay some here who are in the same position may be able to help as well
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    What are you scared of?