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    So I made a comment at work that I don't watch anime anymore really because I feel that I have grown out of it and have lost interest. So now its all this BS going around right now that I'm "scared" to be myself. "oh Josh is grown up now he doesn't do that. Hey... you should just grow up like Josh did. Don't get mad at me for stating a fact Josh" Fuck all this.... I am who I am NOBODY is going to change that.

    People lose interest in just happens. This is the kind of crap that I thought I left behind when I was done with school. i'm freaking almost 27...I don't need to deal with childish little bastards that feel the need to harass somebody just because they lost interest in something.
  2. assek

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    its nice to meet someone so mature at the age of 27 ! i know so many people that need to take an example from you !

    and i agree with you, its perfectly normal that people lose interest in things.

    if people are making such comments, then they indeed themselves have got some growing up to do.

    so ignore them and be happy and proud that you are way above them :)
  3. total eclipse

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    thats all one can be is themselves and if others are uncomfortable with that then that is their problem Ignore their childness and be you they will eventually go away if you ignore them
  4. ZombiePringle

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    Yeah they always try to do that stuff and I always try to ignore it. doesn't always work out that way though.
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    I know what you mean.. they're scared you're changing and moving away from them, even with something small like anime- maybe because it's such a bonding factor with all of them? :dunno:

    I've gone through this so much myself over the years, people start to look pathetic and ridiculous; I can't help but find it amusing as it's a norm for me and I'm used to it.

    That's a powerful, wonderful thing to say (as you're a good person) and great to hear! I know ignoring them might be difficult when you're around it all the time-but maybe it's a case of drawing boundaries and telling them straight- to fuck off in whatever way is good for you.