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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by malek, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. malek

    malek Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    ok i'm at work and i just need to unload ...


    let me explain.

    We have been smoking weed at least 2 grams a day for the last 15 years.
    Me and my wife decided to finally quit, we have tried to quit for years but this is the good one.

    This is only my second day and i'm already freaking out.

    My heart is racing so fast it actually blurs my vision
    My hands are shaking
    i feel like jumping off the building to quiet my anxiety.

    i am totally hooked on weed and it needs to stop.

    I have never smoked at work, we only do it at night and weekends. but this is driving me insane.

    i have 1 big craving that simply wont go away, it doesn't come and go it's constantly there.

    Anyone have tricks to get over a drug craving?

    i just know that if i feel like this tonight i will slip and go and buy some. i know my self.

    Problem is i really really dont want to. We simply dont have the money to keep smoking like we do and we are building our selvs a whole.

    Anyway back to work so i can put my energy on something else than acknowleging the craving but damn i would kill someone right now if it ment smoking a jonny.
  2. philio

    philio Well-Known Member

    is your wife going through the same things...

    i think the best way to quit is to have the support of someone, so talk to your wife, and ask her for support, theres no real tricks...

    you've just got to stick with it...
  3. Death By Foo-Foo

    Death By Foo-Foo New Member

    Weed is fucking awesome. Why are you so concerned? Any study worth anything shows that it's just not that darn harmful.
  4. malek

    malek Well-Known Member

    and if you believe that you are the biggest idiot on earth.

    let me tell you during the last 15 years:

    my short term memory is now shot
    i dont speak as fluently as i used to
    sometimes i zone out for nothing
    and i am extremely addicted.

    Weed is a drug, i used to love it until i realized how truly harmfull it is.

    it would be like eating chocolate covered poison. it's great on the way down but you dont always realize the side effects until it is too late.

    i buy 3g a day for 25$, so that's around 700$ a month, 8400 a year that's 1/5 of my salary up in smoke. is this smart?

    it's not that darn hurtfull just like beer is not that hurtfull. it only becomes dangerous when you NEED it to survive.

    Count your self lucky if you are not yet addicted and realise that it may loom right around the corner.
  5. Jackson

    Jackson Guest

    according to the news the weed has been getting stronger and stronger in recent years, so it's even more harmful, i would try drinking a lot of cranberry juice, water, taking niacin supplements, and exercising vigorously or doing some manual labor, and with the rest of your free time do whatever you find interesting and engaging, just cleanse your mind and body for awhile
  6. Syd

    Syd Guest

    Well, I was going to say try coffee in the mean time but... since you're shaking and hyper, I suppose you'll want something mellow and relaxing..

    Since you are trying to get a new healthier start though, maybe you could vent some of that nervous energy by running or biking every morning. It will be good to enjoy the nice weather, clear some of that smoke out of your lungs, so to speak. You'll feel good after a 30 min. workout each day, it could relax you.

    Actually, here's what I really think would work. Don't stop the weed cold turkey, just cut down the amount slowly. Limit yourself to one gram/ day for example. Then, the next week cut it down to half that each day, and keep cutting down until you're only smoking like a joint or bowl's worth of weed each evening. It will probably be easier to stop completely after that point. While you're doing this, slowly start the exercise routine every morning, to get your body used to this. Drink a lot of water and eat big meals in the evening, but not right before exercise or you'll get a cramp.

    If the urges are really bad, I guess you could try a little beer or taking some medication that relaxes you. If you get urges to smoke in the evening, I'd recommend something like mirtazapine, as it will sedate you enough to put you to sleep, so you won't have to think about the marijuana as much.

    That's all I can think of right now. I don't know if any of this will help, I used to smoke a lot of weed when I was younger.. but I never got addicted the way you're talking about. Good luck.
  7. whynot

    whynot Active Member

    The sad thing is, is all the pot heads will tell you you're an idiot or mentally weak for trying to get help just to keep you at their level.

    During the time I was in AA (against my will) and in treatment programs there were so many kids in their for weed and an uncontrollable addiction which led to poor life choices that you wouldn't believe it.

    Death by Foo-Foo, unfortunately, reflects the vast majority of pop cultures viewpoint on weed.

    I'd like to see these guys try to manage a business, perform an operation, fly an airplane, or be a corporate CEO while stoned on weed. If you were capable of any of these things then smoking weed would not be on your daily agenda.

    HOT~DAWG~MAMA Active Member

    Don't freak yourself out so much. I've been smoking herb for almost 15 years myself and when I first moved to my current residence I didnt have ANY to smoke for about 3-4 months...literally..nothing. At the first week it was kinda nutty and i did crave some but after a while u just dont even think about it anymore..give yourself some time, drink some good teas, take on some new hobby..working out is great cuz it'll give u the adrenaline high or the so called "runners high" which will make u feel great and help u get over your rough patch you're going through. Plus just get u in shape, clear out your lungs too, they are muscles too ya know. Also talk to your wife since you're both trying to help eachother eachother, I'm sure she's probably fiending for some too sometimes! Help eachother stay strong :)

    Either way, although I do still smoke now.. and have been for years, I've learned to pace myself and not go too overboard with ANYTHING actually. A little is all you need once in a while..anything in excess is not good for you. I also keep active and eat healthy. That's how I've kept my life in working order and still have been a smoker for years.

    Keep positive, and I hope you do well in whatever goal you have set for yourself! :)
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