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Fred Rodgers is the MAN !!!

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This may be too weird for some to comprehend but..... I wish that I were more like Mr. Rodgers, ( yes, that Mr. Rodgers ). Not like him in terms of his appearence or mannerisms but in terms of his gentle nature.

My own bizarre mental issues keep me constantly tensed up, angry and suspicious. When I look into the mirror I despise the person that I see looking back at me. I mean really, why should I like being me ? I suck.

Anyway, I was watching a tv special about Fred Rodgers. I was just so touched :cry: by his ability to really care about other people. As I watched more of the program it was so obvious that his compassion wasn't an act. He was so kind to everyone, no matter who they were.

I was in awe of him, even envious.


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Mr Rogers, Fred Rogers, is indeed THE MAN!!!:smile: He's one of my favorite people and the number and lengths of tributes to him when he died was just incredible. He was always true to himself and his audience. He was also, incase you didn't know, a licensed pilot and an ordained minister - don't know the denomination. I love Mr Rogers and love to watch the reruns of his show whenever I"m around a tv and they're on at that time. Best kids' show ever, in my most humble opinion.:rolleyes:

I too am envious of his compassionate and patient abilities - regardless of the fact that he died several years ago, I"m still in awe of his personality. He was ALWAYS HIMSELF, no matter on his show or in person.

God bless you Fred Rogers! I miss you!!:sad:

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