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    Anyone had it?

    I've found a place where I can go to talk. However, like all places they are obliged to release information about you in legal circumstances. It is for this reason I have never been willing to speak with anyone.

    However, at a free place I'd be able to give a fake name and have my session like that. The only flaw would be them needing a contact number and actually using it. If I give my real mobile, it can be traced back to me. If I give a fake one, once they ring it the jig is up.
  2. If it was the FBI chasing you, then yeah, they could trace your mobile back to you...but a free clinic, I very much doubt they would make the same effort ;). Afterall, they are only concerned about helping people, regardless of who they are. Give them a go.
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    It's very easy to obtain records from psychological sessions. There is no confidentiality if the state becomes involved. I'd want to discuss criminal activity. Therefore, if I am ever arrested there is evidence against me right there.

    I'm sure they are there to help, but when it comes to legal matters I'm very careful. Then again, if worst comes to worst my real identity can probably be tracked very easily from this website. I assume the IP address of all posts is logged ..
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    ask for a copy of their confidentiality policy before hand. they will have a written policy and should have no problem letting you stop by and pick it up, even before your first appointment. that way you can make an informed decision. i go to a free clinic. the only things they are required to report are current (as in ongoing) criminal activity or child abuse. me, my illegal activities are in the past. i was already caught, went to court, the whole nine yards. i am glad to not be involved in that lifestyle anymore. if you are currently involved in somethign illegal do you see yourself giving it up some time in the future?
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    where the hell did you get free counseling???
    I want to go :p