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Free fall

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I've lost about 3 pounds in ~2 days.

I was 168, now I'm 165. I want to lose at least another 30 pounds, maybe a lot more. I don't eat, and I like the way my stomach hurts when I'm so hungry I can't fall asleep.


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I wish I could like the pain of hunger.

As usually, I have no energy, no disciplin, no motivation...nothing I would need to lose weight.

I should weight around 150 pounds (I am 5``,8`) and I weight 285.

And of course, living with a husband who should lose too, but doesnt care and eat pretty much all the time.

The look of my body is 1 of the thing despairs me the most.


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I need to get back into this mindset, Im about 5``5 and I weigh like 150 pounds (I'm 16) and yeah I got really good at controlling my hunger and was only eating one small snack/meal a day, I learned to love the feeling of hunger but after staying at my sisters for a few weeks (where I had to eat everything they did) my control slipped, starting Monday I'm going to gain back the control :)


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Try thinking about a healthy diet instead of turning to a deadly disorder.
It won't make you happy, I'm much more sadder now with my disorder then I was when I was healthy.
Be safe.


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I agree with CantEscape. Starving yourselve won't help. Yeah, in the short time it seems to help, but in the longterm it will only take your life away. It isn't a problem solving option. Eventually you will feel even more depressed.
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