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Free Meditation App


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I wanted to share this with my friends here on SF. I'm not big on apps, I have about 5 on my phone so I don't offer this lightly. The app is called Insight Timer. A few months back I had a big blowup with my father, who is an emotionally abusive alcoholic. It shook me to my core and left me in a heap of shame and confusion (again). A friend, who had no idea what had just happened, suggested this app because I mentioned my struggles to maintain a regular meditation routine. The app not only provides a mediation timer with bells and "oms" if you like that, it has thousands of guided meditations, many of which offer encouragement, hope, support and loving kindness. I've found teachers on this app who are helping me recognize the negative things I've done to myself, and how I can turn this around. I'm learning self worth, confidence and coming to peace with my past mistakes. And, slowly, I'm learning to cope with and forgive my parents for their inability to be emotionally supportive of me my entire life. You can look up information online, but the only way to use the app is on your phone. I hope if you decide to try it you find it helpful. Love to you all.


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Hey, I just thought I'd send this your way since I happened across it right now. I have no idea what this entails or if it's great or not.. just passing it along in case it could be useful for how you're feeling right now.... @Witty_Sarcasm


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The app lets you choose how long you have available and then lets you pick different audio files based on that. I found a large number of them were people that tell you to control your breathing (yknow, breathe in, breathe out, relax). If you are into that then there is definitely no shortage! I think when I tried it I wasn't feeling super patient, so don't be like me. When you try the app, you should set aside some time and expect to be in the app for a bit.

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