freefall---crappy..i know :P thats why its a freefall. helllerr!

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  1. Lilly

    Lilly Well-Known Member

    Hanging on
    Dont want to let him down
    Put me back together
    making no sound.
    See through my silence
    hear my quiet pleas
    Put me back together
    or let me go in peace.
    Hangin on
    On a thread so thin
    Im so close to the bottom
    and i dont even want to win.
    Let me go
    Dont pull me up
    No one puts me back together
    Is it that selfish to give up?
    Ive been hanging on
    dont want to make you sad
    your life is so good without me
    im sorry i made things bad.
    my screams are silent
    ill keep it that way
    one more excuse to do it
    and ill do it today.
    Not hanging on
    the thread will break
    Dont tell me that its selfish
    it is my life to take.
    You'll move on without me
    you'll find another girl
    ill wait for you in heaven
    if i go there
    either way
    i have to leave this world
    im sorry it has to be like this
    but you just dont understand
    its not you, its me dear
    i take you by the hand
    i kiss you one last time,
    and then i turn to leave
    if you love me, let this happen
    let me go in peace.
  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I like it. It's very rhythmic and has a lot of smart rhymes. Solid!
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