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fresh start - i heard it so often it is not fresh anymore

If I were to write about my previous relationships (TWO during 5 years) I could do so for another 5 years - just writing.
So briefly;
These two relationships were very diferent from each other. Begining with the looks of these guys, music taste, fave cuisine, money in their pockets, being shy/confident, ending on that. I even wonder how was it possible to fell in love with two opposite in everything men.
First one ended when I found out he was constantly cheating on me. Not excactly then since I would forgive him twice. The second was much more mature. We lived together, payed our bills, decorate the house, do the usual stuff, never had trust issues neither from him nor me except for one incident when I read few of his emails sent to his ex. Not to bore anyone (if anyone is still reading :) ) We both decided to end it. Passion died few months before, I got bored being only one to do the groceries and gaining his complaints about me.

I just can't imagine going thru that again. Giving all of me just for a short-termed "love". Is it still love if it can't last between the two for more than 3 years? Do I really have to write about me, what I like, what I been doing in the past, what I wanna do to another guy and HOPE that he would be the last one to hear my same old story?

And yes - I can't imagine living alone. And I am "only" 21.

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You still have so much more learning more maturing to get through. The right guy will come along I think alot of us went through many relationships before finding one that did work Learn from past look at that way each relationship teaches you more. wow 21 a lot more life to look forward too h ugs


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Hey I can kinda relate to some of what you've said. I was in a relationship with someone who cheated on me a few times, and ended up staying with them twice over afterwards and the trust was just not there anymore. It's hard to pick yourself up from something like that and I'm really sorry you went through that.

I completely agree that it's hard to throw your all into something that may not last forever. I've made it a point in my life to not date anyone that I am not 100% serious about. To me it just feels like a waste of time that could have been used looking for my life partner.

You just have to be wary and keep your spirits up. I'm only 20 myself (turn 21 in a few months) and although a lot of people say that that's very young, it still feels like the clocks ticking, especially when I'm ready to settle down and start living my life right now.

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