Frickin' Desert!

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    Today I woke up feeling even more shitty than I expected. Climbing the stairs nearly left me unconscious. Puffing on my inhaler cursing my shitty lungs and wondering about going back to bed because clearly today is already not my day.

    Get to work and read the news. OHHHHHHH. Bloody sand. Frickin' desert. No wonder I can't chuffing breathe! *rant rant grumble*

    So... is Air Pollution a good enough reason to call off sick? (The correct answer is yes, all answers to the contrary will be reported for triggering me :p )
  2. flowers

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    just saw this, Freya. Yes it was a good reason. From the article in the link, it was very serious situation for people who have respiratory probs.
    How are you feeling today? Breating better? Hopefully air quality is a lot better
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    Yeah if it affects you physically. You gotta look after you; it's the most important.