Friday Night

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    I wish I was with you tonight. I used to work down in the sawmill after school. Before I met you I used to run the bars up and down the pike. Sometimes me and the guys from work would go to the Echo Inn and drink beer all night. Once the bar keep let me sleep it off in a back booth. Anyway when I met you everything changed for awhile. On Friday night I didn't hang with the guys anymore. We would go to Shakey's and eat pizza. Sometimes a movie. Sometimes just staying at home watching TV. You made me so happy. You made me feel whole. I wish I could take you out for dinner and movie again. Sometimes at night I hold a pillow next to me and pretend it is you. I liked the way your hair would get in my face . . . the smell of your skin . . . the taste of your kiss. The way you made me feel like I could do anything, like I was somebody. You were so beautiful . . . at least to me. Now my hair is gray . . . I'm missing a few teeth . . . I have to wear glasses when I read the paper. My knee gives me fits in the cold weather. I would still love you if your hair were gray . . . if you had to wear a hearing aid . . . if you weren't 16 anymore. I would still love you. Why couldn't we grow old together. The toughest part of waking up in the morning is not being able to say good morning to you. I still love you always will. Heres to long hair, beards, granny glasses, flowers, making love with someone you truly love, blue skies, picnics in the park, dancing in the streets, wineskins, sunshine, nickel bags, Traffic, The Dead, Monroe Park,
    and holding your hand. I don't want to live anymore.
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