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I have a friend who has never been happy for as long as ive known him. And i know hes considering suicide. Hes confided in me and he briefly stated in three lines that he wouldnt mind if he never woke up.

He's not attention seeking, faking it or eggargerating it.

Im finding it hard to comfort him and i often dont know what to say to him.

I couldnt imagine not talking to him again.



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well...if i am in any way tyypical of the disease then there is realy little hope of you ever helping him, the only hope for most of those like my self is not with out but with in us...


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I respectfully disagree that friends and loved ones cannot help someone be guided to helping him/ sounds like your friend is hurting, and that he trusted you with a very sacred truth...that is the good and the bad news of is very hard to express how one should be helpful in a post, so please PM me so that we can explore what you can say and all means continue to talk to him, and if you feel he is really critical, it is a loving act to help him get the assistance he needs...please contact me so we can continue this conversation...big hugs, Jackie


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I don't know you and your friend and the whole situation, but...
I think that your friend should know that you're with him and you love him. It means a lot.
But as I've already said I don't know the situation. If you want to talk, please, pm me.
take care and don't give up



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Hi im sorry your friend is in pain.He is lucky to have you who seems to care very deeply and is concerned for him and his welfare.Please express that to him.i can only speak for myself but that is one of hte most valuable things i find others can do for me when im feeling really suicidal..............just to be there,to let me know that they are there,that in some way i am not totally alone with these feelings and that people are trying to understand me.i dont know if this will help you but in life in general i think peopole often look for answers to things [that very much includes me] but i have learnt personally for me over time is that not only are sometimes answers not always easy to find or whatever but that understanding is more important to me.But thats just glad you care for your friend.YOu seem liek a really nice person.If you ever want to talk some more about this or anything please feel free to post anytime and also if you ever need/want a friend,or want to talk privately or just some additional support or a chat please feel fee to PM [private message] me etc anytime and it would always be good to hear from you.

Please take good care and i hope things work out for both you and your friend.

Best wishes


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Your friend is very lucky to have you.

Is all you can do is stick by him, and be there when he wants to talk x
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