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  1. (Disclamer: I have terrible grammar and ability to form decent paragraphs:dry: )

    As my display name implies, I need some help helping a friend. She doesn't have it that bad off but she has a hard time realizing it. She's been in this like perpetual state of depression for about 4 years and I've just met her about a month ago. She is always stressed from school, is bulimic, andI've heard her talk about suicide on several occasions. She tried cutting her wrist once before but thank God it didn't go as she wanted it to.(Also her dog was recently put to sleep). If anyone could offer advice I'd greatly appreciate it. IM me (aol instant messenger) at highway2hell0510 if you feel like it. Thanks.
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    Has she visited a psycholosist yet? Has she sook any medical help? Does she have any friends or family to hear her out and understand her situation or do they not understand her or ignore her?
  3. A shrink or meds is the last thing she needs, I've been there done that. About friends and family...well her families a definate no. Friends, she only has 2 people she considers true friends. One of which lives 5 states away. I've told her as long as shes willing to talk I'm willing to listen but people have just ignored her for so long she just has this stubborn subconsious feeling that everyone else will ignore her too.
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    meds can help tho, depression is an illness just like asthma or heart desease or whatever else, so meds can help, but sorry to say she needs to be willing to help herself before you can help her

    take care

    vikki x
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    What I know for sure right now is that her depression cannot be cured unless she AND the ones she loves and those who loves her help her. No matter how hard you and others try, you can't do a thing unless she also wills to be happy.
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    Meds and therapists are not all the same, you get good and bad so your experiences may well not be the same for your friend. I do suggest your friend talks to a doctor, is it possible for you to go with her for some moral support? I know what your friend means about being ignored, but try and convince her otherwise because you're not ignoring her, if you're not ignoring her and if you care (which you so obviously do) then others would be willing to help also. You only need one good friend in life. Forget what other people say, quality is MUCH better than quantity and a good friend is so hard to find. All you can do is be there for her, and keep telling her that you're there for her when she wants to talk.
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    Meds and therapy can help, it's just sometimes hard to find the right therapist for you and the right combo of meds, speaking from expeirence.

    I am sorry for what your friend is going through, it's tough....


    maybe see if they join here might help her a bit to know she's not alone........I am sorry I have no magic wand........but there is help.


    Good luck hun.