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    Well I hope this is the right spot.. I'm sorry if it's not:unsure:

    okay so I have this friend.. and she's upset alot.. but she always goes on about how ugly and fat she is and anytime I mention something like that she's like no you're not but If I try to convince her shes not she just never believes me and I'm getting sick of trying it's like she's allowed to hate like and think shes fat but no one else is.. she always thinks no one cares or notices her but I'm ALWAYS there for her and trust me I let her know I'm like all over her not in a bad way but I always listen and stuff but still she says things which really end up hurting me because I do care and it's hurts her saying no one cares and stuff when I try my hardest to make her know I care and think she's beautiful.. she's not even ugly or fat.. and today I saw this on her website

    "Hes the only one who doesnt make me feel like shit. I know hes my dog but he really is my best friend.He never makes me feel ugly, because he doesn't care how i look.Hes the craziest dog i've ever known.People always say that the dog goes with its owner and thats true.Laugh as much as you want, but atleast i have a real friend, because he will never backstabb me, because he loves me. I love you Max, my best friend never to be replaced"

    I'm just really tired of people acting like no one cares when they do.
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    Heylo Flower

    :hug: Sounds like the scenario between me and my friend. Throughout High School and still to this day I have always been there for her, helped her through, sat on the phone, listening to her crying her eyes out, listening to everything, helping her, caring for her. I have sat with her whilst she has been on the verge of killing herself. I have put her before me in every aspect of my own life. But still she says no-one cares.

    And it hurts. Alot.

    She knows how I feel, she knows I cut, OD, take drugs. But does she care? She says she does, but she never helps. But I help her all the time, everyday, night, second. She says she's fat, makes herself sick and doesn't eat. She isn't, she is beautiful, thin and stunning. But she won't listen. She won't believe me. When I voice things like that, she tells me I'm stupid and that I'm not. She won't let anyone else feel that way but her.

    But still I love her. I care for her. She is still like the sister I never had. I have hurt, cut, bled, taken God knows what, because of her, because of how much she has hurt me, left me behind etc. But still I love her. And she says I don't care so often...

    But now I'm moving on. Still caring and thinking every second of the day but... blanking it out when it gets hard. Maybe you should try to. Obviously try talking to her but if not, try distancing yourself from her slightly, not leaving her but trying not to get hurt. You shouldn't be the one to get hurt hun. No matter how much you like her and need her.

    This probaly sounds so stupid and muddled but... I can't write what I want to say :confused:

    Hope you're ok hun and it's gets sorted. I'm here if you need to talk more ok?

    Take care and keep strong,
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    It sounds like she's lucky to have you flowerpot. I know this sounds lame but I truly do believe every girl is beautiful in their own way. Your a good friend and she'll realize that. She'll also realize your there for her and youv always been there for her.
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    thanks heaps for the replies guys. i just hate it how all my "friends" manage to hurt me. it just makes me think do i really mean anything to them. are they going to notice or care if im gone. and then in a way i want to be gone. to show them how much theyve hurt me. i just want her to know she at least has me, even if im not that great. but she does have a fair amount of friends.. its kind of unfair the things she says :sad: