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  1. NooSenseFantastika

    NooSenseFantastika Well-Known Member

    I told my friend how depressed i i wanted to cut myself...slit my wrists...she hasnt been there for my lately...but...tonight she said she had to help her friend put up a shower curtain and that shes be back in 5 minutes...40 minutes later she got back on...and told me she got something to eat...she made me wait...crying...sad...lonely for 40 she could have a midnight it me...or is something wrong with that? after that...after my "best friend" did that to me...i think i need to kill myself...theres obviously something wrong with me if no one wants to help me.
  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Based on what you told her...NO, you are not the one with the problem. I can't think of any reason why she wouldn't be there for you...other than she may not be as good a friend as you thought or need right now.

    Welcome to SF. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to share that with us. You'll find some caring and insightful people here willing to help you. Stay awhile and check it out.
  3. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    No it's not you. I think your friend doesnt know how to react to what you said and she is scared. Hearing that kind of news for people that have never experienced it themselves well it is overwhelming. But I wish people that are taken back by it could atleast say that. Say "I'm so sorry but I really dont think I can help you. Or maybe she isnt the friend you thought she was. But it is not you. Please dont let someone elses lack of knowledge or compassion draw you down even further. Be strong and keep posting here. Let those that understand help hold you as you battle this please.
  4. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    most people don't know how to deal with self-hatred or suicide. Its not you, its them. :dry: wish that made it better, but it doesn't.
  5. NooSenseFantastika

    NooSenseFantastika Well-Known Member

    this friend of mine understand depression. she has it too.
  6. HOW

    HOW Well-Known Member

    I often delay talking to people because I'm not sure what to say and nervous. She's probably in the same situation.
    Keep strong. Keep yourself busy :D
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