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  1. Butterfly

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    You can make real friends from SF. I have had a lovely few days with SamSerpentineSoul. Just the boost and motivation I needed. Thank you so much Sam xxxx
  2. total eclipse

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    I am so happy you have made such a great friend hun hugs
  3. Speedy

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    Great to hear, Lexi! I'm so happy for you! :)

    I met up with an SFer in July too and spent a few days with said person. Anyways, I am just so pleased to hear you got an opportunity like this.
  4. peacelovingguy

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    Sure you can make 'real' friends here!

    I'm looking for friends with

    Wallpapering skills


    Home design



    Get-a-way driver! (maybe - if things get harder)

    Actually - I'm looking for musicians - guys, girls - I don't care - but you do need to be good - I mean, as good as! No time waster's - no 'depression card' to play with me - I wake up with the desire to blow the planet up. So don't cry to me you cannot play G chord due to depression - I'll fight you and the rest of the band - learn that chord or I'll stick the entire PA were the sun doth not shineth!

    I have a couple of invites - but if anyone stayed with me - at the moment its like I'm playing a lot of music - I got a pub around the corner - sober breaks - I can do those next year maybe.

    Rehab I'm not!

    Actually - I really wish I rich so I could fly over and help one member right now - tidy the house - get the bills sorted - paint the walls and so on.

    I can't relax when relaxing - is that an issue?

    Anyhow butterfly - happy you made a real friend - and we should actually reach out a little more - bearing in mind the DANGERS of course.

    You know what I'm saying - let people know were your going.

    Anyone here from near Colne in England? Actually got some festival there so it would great to be accommodated BUT I'm a nice guy - I know I'll be high as a kite for four days and nights so I'm camping out!

    I got a couple of spare rooms and have invited a few people overseas if they ever visit England. So stick around - get a few hundreds posts - bullshit me that I'm 'cool' or 'great' or 'amazing' - because being simple I'll agree wholeheartedly with any positive!

    Anyhow - I'm happy for you butterfly - its nice to make new friends - and I guess amazing to meet someone who shares the dark side. I mean usually we hide all that - so did you have a really good chat?

    Oh - I might meet a member in Holland also! Show him when men do when grow old and graceful. Visit the museums, art galleries - history! Well - lol - none of that - just 100% go, go, go - and I envision lots of stories.

    Come along if you want.

    We're going to get soooo smashed - that I think anyone who is even in our company would be thinking "These guys are so fu***** cool!"

    Interesting guys - able to party and keep their heads also.

    Men of honour!