Friends - or maybe they aren't anymore

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    I feel really hurt and let down by my so called group of friends. Fair enough I don't go out that often anymore with them but I have been trying to make an effort to spend time with them. Anyway I text them all earlier asking if anyone wanted to come over for a bit watch a dvd, drink some wine and just chill really. Any way turns out they are all on their way back from a weekend away in Yorkshire to see another friend who recently moved up there. Well I was invited and I didn;t even know they were going. WOuld have been nice to have been asked. I just feel as though I have been pushed out. I am not going to bother making an effort anymore I can't see the point. I don't know if I would have gone if asked. I may have done as not been out in a while and well never mind. I dont know if I would have gone or not but it would have been nice to have been asked. I just feel really pushed out. For instance they are also going on a weekend away to my fave city in the whole of Europe which they know it is I go on about it enough. SO there is a group of them going there and I wasn't even consulted if I wanted to go.

    It is not just the not being invited but everything always seems to be so much of an effort for them. I give up I really do. I will stick to hanging out with my bloke and a couple of other people who I am quite close to.

    What gets me though was that I confided in one of them when I was drunk back in Jan about trying to kill my self. She was nice when I told her and said if I ever needed anything I could go to her even if it was the middle of the night. Well why am I always the one who makes the 1st move in txting her. If someone told me that and also that was still feeling really depressed I would be pretty worried about them. I am worried about my self that things are going to get worse and I'll take an overdose or through myself under a bus or something. But if someone who was supposedly a good friend told me that I would be on the phone to them every day making sure they were ok, or send a txt msg once in a while asking if that person was ok.

    I am always the one who has to make the first move. I txt them or try calling for a chat or what ever but 9 times out of 10 dont get a reply back etc. I give up. My new thing now is not to make contact with them at all. If they do so to me then fair enough and I'll txt or call back but I am sick of being the one doing all the running around. My mum has noticed in the past that I let them get to me 2 much but when you care about someone it does. So I am going to stop caring. If I can that is. But do I really need them. I spend about 4 nights a week with my boyfriend, have a dinner night with some other friends once a week so really the nights I do have to my self I should cherish as time on my own!
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    Sounds like you have what really matters. A mother that cares, a bf that cares, and a few close friends to hang out with. I wouldn't worry about the others. Focus on the ones that obviously care about being with you.

    Most people have the "friends" that they really only see around or hang out with as part of a big group and then they have the real friends that you talk with and don't need to go out and get drunk to have fun with.
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    The thing is i dont talk to my mom, i dont talk to my bf and i dont talk to the others. i thought i could talk to these guys and now they have all gpne. I dont need the stress of it all though. it is not worth it for me to worry