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Friends - They make me feel bad

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Lost my motivation for the gym, a personal instructor said something and has ruined my enjoyment for it. Also I'm not in the mood to speak to my friends for reasons I've mentioned recently and one of them also go to this gym so I'll prefer to stay away for the time being.

My friends haven't bothered to get in touch anyway in a while and some people stupidly wrote asking if "I was dead or not" on my facebook wall. When I'm not talking to or with my girlfriend I feel confined to my bedroom. I do my work from home I'm pretty much stuck here. You would only need to add bars to my windows to get the full prison effect.

Compared to my friends I feel like a massive underachiever :( I can't face chatting to them and they keep belittling me about it. They don't seem to understand either why I like to think with my head rather then my penis where girls are concerned. They've also become quite materialistic (since when did us Brits start to copy the Americans?!)

I feel quite down yet on a high at the moment.


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My friend randomly text me last night saying "Are you going to speak to me now?"

Huh? Everybody is ignoring me! :( When I last spoke to him he told me not to talk to him as he won't be bothered to reply even though he asked how I was. I didn't reply last night.


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ugh im in the same position. Ive had friends do similar things. Best bet i found is to just be honest with the few you believe you can really trust. Thats what i did. It worked for a time but i felt better and now im worse again and i dont have the balls to say anything. Only other option is to maybe become more socially involved with your girlfriends friends? Perhaps might lead to new friends etc and new ideas and ways forward to change.


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i always tell all my friends to get out of my life when ever i get suicidal, and so they stop talking to me,

well this one kinda talks to me, lol but i always over do it,
i text her 10 times a day and she only responds once,
i know i am kinda creeper stalkerish type of person when it comes to relationships, though i only had one real one,

but anyways, i know relationships are a lot of work, they are like an investment, you give all your life, you sacrifice to save for the future, and then the future comes and you either realize you have put a lot in or you haven't, i haven't i put negative amounts into my relationships, when i tell them to get out of my life it really hurts them,

so what u need to do is the opposite of me, tell them you want them in your life, tell them they need to hang out with you, tell them your both going to get coffee one sunday, or tea,

but if you do not talk to them, they will not talk to you, unless they the creeper stalkerish type of person and i not sure you want to be friends with that type,
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