friends (written for my support group friends)

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    my emotions were getting much too strong

    i needed a place to hide

    needed a place where i could talk

    of depression and suicide

    a place where i would not be judged

    where people felt the same

    where perhaps through lots of talking

    i'd learn to live again

    but no one understood me, i had to find support

    but i didon't think it was out there

    at least, that's what i thought

    i used to search in google, night after night

    locked inside my bedroom, keeping out the light

    i'd search for hours and hours hoping i would find

    a place where there is people

    that have a similar mind

    but it was all in vain, i failed. nothing did i see

    but i knew support was out there

    surely there had to be

    soon i found some websites, that were useful, but they closed

    not the way i'd like it, but that's the way it goes

    i made a lot of friends and we tried to help each other

    we became like family

    son, sisters and brothers

    but the sites had gone and i needed more

    a place where i could vent

    a place where people can download

    the messages i've sent

    eventually with a lot of trying

    i eventually found sf

    and started to know a whole new group of friends

    1 by 1, step by step

    and now it seems i'm settled

    nothing i should fear

    because the friends of my support groups

    always will be here

    they'll help me through the good times

    help me through the bad

    they'll always be the best thing

    i will ever have

    because i don't need to search no more

    i have found true friends

    in you i can rely on

    with me til the end
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.