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  1. Sorry for ranting but I'm just fed up :( no need for replies

    Seems that all anyone sees me as is someone to take everything out on (I don't mean anyone on this forum, just people IRL). I do EVERYTHING that I can to be there for my friends, I'd give up anything for them, do anything for them, but sometimes I need someone to talk to as well. I don't mean to sound selfish (although I guess I am) but I try to be strong, try to support people, and sometimes I'm just not strong enough. I care so much about people, but isn't friendship meant to be a two-way thing? Aren't they meant to be there for you as well when there's something you need to talk about. SOMETIMES I NEED SOME SUPPORT AS WELL. Yeah i'm selfish and yeah i'm too scared to ask for it most of the time, but I TRIED TO THIS WEEK, told you i needed to talk, told you i needed someone. But i'm not worth your time am i? Not worth the effort. I'm just here if YOU need something. And that's still the case, always. I'll always be here. I just wish that i meant as much to you as you do to me :(
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    Im sorry to hear this friend treats you like that. Friendship is supposed to be a two-way thing, not the way you describe this friendship to be.

    It's not quite like the real deal, so to say, but if you ever want to talk, you're more than welcome to come here. There always will be someone to listen :arms:
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    we all need friends. and friendship is definitely a two way street. one sided friendships do not work. the one putting in all the effort will soon burn out. sorry to hear your friends are treating you the way they are. it sucks. we are all here for you if you want. pm me if you want, too. hang in there
  4. Wow. Thanks so much guys. I didn't really think anyone would reply and you've just really made my day, both of you :hug:

    I guess I just need to stand up for myself a bit more sometimes - something i've never been too good at.

    Thank you :hug: :hug: :hug:
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