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  1. jimmyxpop

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    Why is it that they can never accept me for who I a?
    Why can't they be proud of who I am and support me?
    Every day it's all I hear. 'Oh you're beliefs are bullshit, why do you even bother?' or 'You're a fucking idiot, who does that?'

    And this is over the pettiest thing ever. They hate the fact that I'm vegetarian. They rub it in my face 24/7 and I don't understand why. I have not got one friend out of twenty that doesn't do this to me.
    They make me so angry.
    I need them to just go away, I couldn't give a rats ass about them now.
    I'm so pissed off right now.
  2. Lady E

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    It sounds like you need to venture out of your current circle of friends and maybe find some people who maybe share a bit more of the same interests, and are more supportive of your decisions. If they were good friends they wouldn't constantly hassle you about it and call you an idiot simply because you are taking a stand on something.
    It doesn't sound like they are very healthy people for you to hang around with.
    Maybe you could meet new people through local organizations that have vegetarian beliefs like food not bombs, or even on sites related to it.
    You don't deserve the frustration and grief that they are causing you.