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    Hah!! Look at me! I sink into depression and shut all my friends out then they eventually drift away from me and I lose them...or else a friend hurts me and doesn't care and I lose them...or they betray me or turn their backs on me...I lose them. That's the point. Story of my life. Nobody cares. I'm a destructive force on this planet.

    At times like this however it's hard enough to deal with my own dark emotions much less to socialize and play happy all the time. Rather than expose who I really am or risk bringing someone else down..or ruining their I withdraw and stay away from people. No attachments no excess pain.
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    i could have wrote that. i hate when i'm in these kind of moods, cos i don't want to hurt what friends i have left..when i am, they hate to see me down, i'm always in a good mood, and sometimes its almost as if i'm not allowed to be in a mood....

    sorry and all but tis our god given right to free feel however the hell we wanna..