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    Okay so i am in a group of people who cause lots of drama. Tonight i accually told them the truth how i feel and ended it. What does everyone think? This is what i texted them all:

    I have truely been threw alot this past three months. I learned that people do things for stupid reasons. Doesnt everyone see that i have been slowly fading away from people. I have been talking and texting less. I am always down, sad, and stressed out. I have even dropped many of my friends. What i have been always told was to treat others how you would want to be treated. But what i am trying to say is i am sick and tired of all the drama in my life. I am always pulled into it when i dont want to be. About a month ago i almost killed myself because alot of the problems i had. Yes, had a gun loaded and almost shot myself in the head. But you know what i didnt because me and everyone else in this world deserves to be treated right. i am standing up for myself now To do what is right. Sometimes you have to take care of yourself when you know things are bad. Well this is it. Anyone who from now on want to cause drama please stay out of my life. All this stupid high school bullshit has to end sometimes and people need to grow up. Unless anyone wants to loose a friend for good. True friends stand by each other no matter what. When people need me, i am the first to be there usually. Also i almost never cause any drama. and i am a half way decent friend. please read my previous ten page text again carefully. I put alot of thought into that. And from now on i am done treating people like shit, when i do. All i ask in return is in that text. I want to keep you in my life for as long as i can. I sent that to alot of people. But everyone in life deserves to be happy. No one should go like me and always be down. I give myself credit for saying all this. The truth is i have been going to sleep everynight in tears, i cant sleep anymore at night and if i do i only get a hour or so. This is caused by everything going on in my life. I have too many throughts and feelings. And all the drama does not help. So please be my true friend and understand all these texts i have sent. Again i dont want to loose anyone. Right now things are bad, and i need you there so i can get threw it. If not something bad could happen. People can only go so long and pushed so far before they break. give me the credit for telling people this, because it is all true. and Everyone deserves a happy ending!
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    I think it took a lot of courage to say what you feel instead of saying what you figured everyone wanted to hear. You should be proud of yourself.

    And I think it shows that you really do want to continue to live. You are reaching out to your friends showing and asking that you need them. This might actually work quite to your needs. Cuz those that are true friends will reply and be there. Those that arent will more than likely back away. But no matter what the replies are, you have here too. You can also talk and vent here. There is so much support when you need it.

    I hope your true friends reply and that you lean on them when you need to.