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what are they? i don't have any. If i died today the only people who'd give a fuck are my parents. But they'd get over it. I don't understand. I don't understand why I feel this way...
I don't enjoy doing anything anymoer. I really couldn't care less... Its the same old same old. I feel like I'm half aslep all day, but I can't get sleep at night, and when I do get sleep I can't get enough... I crave hugs. I tried hugging myself. I wish someone loved me. I wish I could love myself. I don;t know. I really don't understand. It used to be okay and now I'm all fucked up. What happened? I am so confused. I wish I could just not be a part of anything anymore. I don't have the energy.


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Yeah, I feel that only my parents and little brother would miss me, I also have no friends. However, I do really enjoy things like videogames, computers, TV in life, even though there's so much more to explore in life.


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I used to like the video games and tv and such things... all seem so empty now... I know what yuo mean about craving hugs, i wish i could just feel another person close to me, wrap my arms around them and know they cared... i wish i had that so much... i used to have it, but now it's all gone.. all the happiness i could have felt, the joy and love... all gone and sour in my mind.. i'll stop there and just say that i hope it gets better for you


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Friends...believe many of us have very few if not no friends :( All the friends i have ive found here, and was astonished the other day someone claiming i was her best friend, even so i only saw her once and all the communication im having with her is online. Personally i try to leave my apartment as often as possible, even so its hard at times. Uni makes it sometimes easier for me to communicate with other ppl, but even that took a while. Probably im the wrong person to ask you if you have any hobbies, play music or do anything else where you could meet people; cuz even so i try to leave my home i try to avoid at the same time to go out. Well i wish you the best, and know that even so you feel very alone you always have SF to communicate with others and to make friends. Wish you all the best and hope to see you in chat soon :hug:
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