friendship and isolation

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if I’m meant to be alone and even prefer it on some level. Then other times I am so incredibly lonely and feel like I could burst from the bizarre feeling of not having any human contact. I’m seeing a therapist about every two weeks who’s trying to encourage me to meet friends. Seems like an impossible task. Anytime I do venture out I am overwhelmed with thoughts of worthlessness, particularly around people my own age. I find everyone so much more charming, educated and attractive than me. It makes me feel like utter trash and want to run back into hibernation. I also have a lot of difficulty trying the online route, I’m paranoid of coming off stupid and have difficulty initiating contact. The older I get the more upsetting and hard it becomes to hide or explain the solitary life I lead. I avoid my family mostly because I’m embarrassed when they ask me about my life and I have nothing to tell them. They often bring up much younger cousins who are leading full lives and doing all these interesting things which makes me feel ten times worse. My mother in particular finds it exceptionally weird that I don’t date or socialize even though I’m in my twenties (due to my anxiety and depression). I had a relationship awhile ago which was rocky and odd and of course they ended up meeting someone else (they were the only person I talked to over the past two years). I feel like I’m back to square one or in kindergarten ...
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    Effective social interactions are a learned skill...I find when I am unsure of myself, I ask questions of people who appear to have more wisdom...this is a good place to start that dialogue...see who has established relationships with friend IRL and see what they have done...talking about this is a good first step.
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    You are very articulate hun educated not trash hun or worthless. Are you taking anything for your anxiety it helps I think coming here was a good idea hun lots of caring people here You can talk to me anytime okay hugs
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    Yes, articulate and thoughtful, attractive qualities in anyone, it helps me when I read something well presented, keep posting x