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    Pfew... :dry: I wonder what the fuck it's suppose to be? I mean I've got people I've known in real life for a few years and people i live with and people who were what i would have called friends but i haven't spoken to them in a while. But do you ever feel apprehensive to use that term for those people? I mean how do you know if they like you or consider you a good friend... With people online I find it especially hard to know when I'm just someone who has chatted with someone a few times or a friend... Why can't life be like the sims where you can see the little relationship bar for eberyone you've ever met :unsure:

    This is a pointless post anyway, just felt like typing.....
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    i hear you, i'm like this also. i have very few people i would use the term friend with and not feel like i have to second geuss myself with them. IMO the def of a friend is someone who excepts you warts in all and talks to you no matter how long its been and acceots you back woth open arms, but it is very hard to find people like that imo.
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    True friendships in this day and age are hard to come by. I would rather have a few genuine friends then many ordinary friends.