from shadows to eluminations(may trigger some)

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by the masked depressant, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member

    from shaddows to eluminations

    On top of the world, I feel so great,
    I can do anything, in control of my fate.
    Rushing around, getting jobs done,
    I didn't know my life could be this fun!!

    ticking off slowly, the jobs from my list,

    i never thought

    i'd do all this

    errands to run,

    and visit the store,

    then come back home,

    and get on with more.

    there's stuff in the garden,

    and stuff in the house

    there's stuff in the letterbox,

    loads to sort out.

    preparations for christmas,

    and inviting friends round,

    celebrating with them,

    the jolliest sound!

    and stuff in the oven,

    and under the stairs

    and stuff in the fridge,

    so much to prepare

    there's laundry to wash,

    and windows to clean

    pets need attention,

    don't want to be mean

    kids to collect,

    from the colledge and school,

    and then for the evening,

    we can act like a fool

    hide and seek,

    or play peekaboo

    or go out on the swings,

    there's so much we can do!

    we could go on a picnic,

    we could go to the beach

    we could try for the funfair,

    have a candy floss each

    we could go to the circus,

    or the arcade,

    let's just have a good time,

    what do you say?

    there's so much to see,

    and i'll show you it all

    from ducks in a duck pond,

    to kids playing ball

    and aeroplanes that go as high as the sky,

    birdies and insects,

    are pretty when they fly

    and cute little animals,

    like puppies and cats,

    we could go to a farm,

    would you like that?

    Then, with no warning, my world crashes down,
    My smiles dissolve, and my face wears a frown.
    Tears falling silent, deep in my heart,
    Hiding my pain, I play a part.....

    it's hard to talk,

    it's hard to explain,

    why i'm feeling like this,

    all over again

    i'd explain in great detail,

    about what i can feel,

    but you're too young for that talk,

    so it wouldn't seem real

    to tell you what,

    i'm going through,

    so let's just go home,

    find something to do

    cos i need peace and quiet,

    and to rest a bit,

    this really is nasty,

    this feeling is shit!

    trapped in an elevator,

    full of my thoughts,

    no button to quit,

    though i want to abort

    so sorry everyone,

    for how i'm feeling today,

    it happens in cycles,

    that is the way.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You have said it so well hun dam cycle i hope you have more up time hun then down hugs to you
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