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    Cutting ties is easy because sooner or later you start to realize, everyone dies, but I have to be honest, sooner or later everyone lies. Did you lie when you told me how you felt? Because you made my heart melt…did you lie when you said you cared, because if it wasn’t said, maybe my heart would’ve been spared. Maybe you don’t feel what I feel, maybe I didn’t steal what you did in this deal. Maybe I never had your heart when you had mine from the start. Its not black and white, its bright. Blinding, love. It’s usually binding. Broken hearts found in the end, when one can’t send the same feelings back. Hides everything in that stack of emotions. Maybe there is no devotion from the other, maybe this isn’t something you feel, maybe you feel like I cant be your lover. Lost in your eyes, this will be my demise. If I was told to die for you, would you believe my love was true? What would it take? What sacrifice? What feeling would I have to give to make you not despise me? What would it take for “us” to be? I will give it all, just please don’t let us fall apart, separated instead of being one heart. You can’t feel what I feel, because maybe, just maybe, I didn’t get that seal of approval, maybe just maybe steal your heart. Maybe it wasn’t mine from the start.
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    always good to see your poetry

    so expressive
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