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Frustrated and don't know where to turn

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I don't know where to turn. Everything I do turns out bad. I want to better myself and I would like to move forward in my life. Every time I try to do anything it turns out negative. How do you remain positive. It's impossible if your pass keeps coming up. I would be better off dying. Nobody wants me. I been ignored by everyone who used to be friends with me. On top of that I seem to have little prospect of finding a job. I failed my driving test 3times. Can't seem to pass it. I feel stupid. I'm not a young driver either . I lived in another country so I had a license over there. People look at me like I'm stupid or retarded I don't like that word. But I know people use it against me. I'm not thinking about my past and all the abuses that happened to me. I'm trying to live for my future and take care of my kids. It's hard to be a good role model when all they see is a mother failing at everything. That's why I think how long will this carry on. I think how long more will I continue . This failure is eating me up. I can't continue to live in this society where I dont belong.
Sorry that you're going through this Anne

I been ignored by everyone who used to be friends with me
People tend to gravitate to others who will give them things that they want, and avoid people who are struggling. Really, it ought to work the other way around, but I guess there's a tendency for people to be selfish.

It's got to hurt to lose them, but if they were better people, they would have behaved better.

It's hard to be a good role model when all they see is a mother failing at everything
Anyone can manage life when things are going well. Showing resilience in the face of great adversity is probably the best example you can give to a child. You may not feel like you've been resilient, but you have. You wouldn't have made it this far if you hadn't been.



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Hi Anne
I'm SO late to this thread but wanted to say hello and a really belated welcome to SF. How are you hanging in there since you arrived?
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