Frustrated with my family situation

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    I feel like people have more say and control in my life than i I do. I need to get new glasses but I don't have the money. A relative wants to do it for me, and I am grateful and all, but I want to wait for personal reasons, most of which has to do with, I really don't want to go anywhere because of all this emotional stuff. I know I sound selfish, but I am angry because in the past when i needed her help especially when it came to getting to work, she was difficult, now she won't back off a little with this. Yes, it's hard to see at the moment, but I am managing.

    I just wish everyone, episodically in my damn family would be considerate of my personal decisions about my life...because they aren't.

    oh and before anyone thinks about saying to me i should move away, please don't because 1) i don't have the means to do that right now and 2) it honestly makes me think about taking my life. im sorry for being dramatic, but it's true.
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    its really hard when other people feel they know what you want and need better than you do. Its frustrating when youtell them over and over and over again, yet they wont listen. you have to know this is their fault not yours. its not of much comfort, but it can help you keep from coming down hard on yourself. I hope you can concentrate on your mind, and be able to get it healthy so that you can work on getting your eyesight fixed too. I agree that this would be the right choice, even if your relative doesnt. If they havent had the difficulties with their head, people tend not to understand what it feels like, what it means, and what restrictions it puts on life.... all you can do there is keep trying to explain to them, and maybe explain to them what you fear will happen if you do go out.

    i wish you the best of luck
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    Thank you, but just to clear up something, my relative isn;t against me getting new glasses....quite the opposite. She can just be too overbearing and controlling about things in my life.