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After waiting 3 weeks for a stomach doc appt. which was tomorrow. They call and cancel and schedule me in 3 weeks. How in the heck do they justify doing that to people who are sick? I am so tired of this.

I go to see the neurologist this afternoon. Have no idea what the outcome will be. So many things are going wrong. I don't know what to eat. I had a salad last night that simple tore up my stomach. I was up at midnight with it. It seems to have settled now which is a good thing as the neuro appt. is a 40 min. drive both ways.

Sigh, thanks for letting me vent. Angie


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awww :( i'm sorry you are suffering so much Angie. Anyone would be pissed at this 3 week extra wait. Hope you start feeling yourself again soon hun, we're here for you my friend :)

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