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    SO I recently moved, went to see a therapist and a psychiatrist both for the first time last week, well, I didn't care much for either but because of insurance issues I don't really have any other options. the sessions were ok i guess. Psych wants to change my meds, but wants to talk to my therapist first(they're not in the same group). I only have enough meds to last me till tonight , so I have to refill tomorrow, but they've still not talked, I don't know what the problem is. I also had to cancel my therapy appointment and my therapist was supposed to call me back so we could reschedule and hasn't yet. I've left her 2 messages and nothing. sigh. i wouldn't stress so much and just refill my current prescription but it costs $400, and I don't exactly have that much cash just laying around...

    ugh I HATE THIS!
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    depending on your income and household size you may be eligible for cheap meds/prescriptions from Give them a try. I pay $30 for three months of Zoloft and $40 for three months of Neurontin. All the best to you!:smile:
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    thanks but because it's just me and I make decent money I'm not elligible. :sad: