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    Ok so I'm a little frustrated tonight as I had to explain to a stranger that I really didn't want to discuss why I am depressed. So they start asking questions like how old, where do i live who do i live with and then asked well if you're happy living with him whats your problem. It felt like they were judging me as if I had no right to feel the way I do. Its one thing to post and vent and let some of the anxiety go which I feel almost ready to do but to answer to quick fire questions on PM makes me super uncomfortable.

    No-one should judge if anyone has the right to their feelings, after all it is THEIR feelings.
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    That is true sakuragirl. You have the right not to be judged for the way you feel. Only answer things you want to and ignore the rest. Take care. :hug:
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    thanks lady :hugs: