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it is after 1.30am, and i am still not asleep. on the couch again, my bed is still not dry (stupid hot water bottle) have to wait a few days til i can make it back up.
pinched nerve in back and cant move, so glad have laptop in front of me, seems to be my best friend
never anything on TV at this time which sucks and i cant get up to put dvd on, so stuck with a stupid game show.
mind is racing
voices are strong and hard
alters have been out
sister is online but not there at the moment so cant talk to her until later.
so so so sore
so confused
dont know whta doing
didnt sleep last night so feeling out of it now'


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I am sorry that your rest is making you feel fustrated. I have felt that too. The aches and pains are very hard too. I am glad that I read your post and know you are fighting hard.
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