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  1. Lana

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    My sister-in-law called my brother at work yesterday to tell him she's not coming home ever again and she threated suicide. She came home today when my mom was there and started in on her. When my mom got home, my brother called to say she left again and wants to jump off a bridge.

    This is the second time this has happened. Last time she was admitted to the hospital, but they only kept her over night. She was released the next day and that was it. She needs help, but she won't accept it and the hospital won't keep her there long.

    They have four kids who are mixed up in this, and I know they're being affected by it. It's frustrating that she won't accept help and that nothing can be done until she does something.
  2. Terry

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    I know only too well the frustration of a loved one who wont accept help.
    I watched my son rot away for ten years but until he was ready to see that he needed the help there was nothing I could do.
    Happily, one day he walked into my room and said "Mum I can't go on like this" hopefully your sister-in-law will reach this pass and get the help she needs.
    Meanwhile, be there as much as you can for your brother and his children, it will be rough on them whatever the outcome.
  3. Lana

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    Thanks. I am glad your son got help. Hopefully she'll realize that, too.

    I'm only home for the week, then I go back to school 4 hours away. Just seems that whenever I come home, something happens. I feel bad that I'm not here for my nephews and niece. We'll see what happens when I come back for Christmas.
  4. Lana

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    They just recently found my sister-in-law. The police found her car in the church parking lot and called my brother. She over-dosed on pills. My brother and mom just left for the hospital and I'm at his house watching the kids.

    I hope now something happens! The hospital better keep her there this time and do something, not just let her go again the next day! Whether she wants help or not, something has to be done. She has four kids. They need their mother!
  5. total eclipse

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    someone should form her and keep her there until she is stable on meds When someone can not see clear enough to get help then the doctor needs to step up and put her on a form to keep her safe I hope this happens
  6. Lana

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    I agree! We'll see what happens in the morning.
  7. Lana

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    So, they'll keep her there for 72 hours, then we'll see what's next.
  8. Lana

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    Just feeling so overwhelmed today. Had an hour and a half sleep, then got my nephews and niece ready for school. They're thinking of releasing my sister-in-law on Sunday and she is not stable enough at all. Then the dog groomer just called to say she doesn't want to shave him because he's so thin, which reminds me that we're gonna have to put him down soon. I have 2 midtrms I've barely studied for because I've been working on my 2 essays that I can't find any resourses for and I need 20 for both...blaaaaah