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Frustration Crying. All. The. Time.

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I've had it with my crying, I am such a baby. I don't understand something- specifically at work- and don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. The tears come, the big fat baby tears and I can't stop them. I've had this issue since I was very young and I want to stop. I'm tired of feeling like I'm freaking retarded, unable to understand the basics that others grasp so easily.

HELP. ME. STOP. CRYING. It can't be just depression-related if it's been happening since I was a kid!


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What type of professional help have you gotten to try to help with this? Without a fair amount of detail about what makes you cry- (is it crying about other things going in in your life at work about people's reactions to your work itself, or is it personal interactions etc etc, it would be really hard to even make guesses at how to help you , and it is really something that maybe you can get some ideas from others that have dealt with a similar issues have used to help themselves but if it is not the same things causing the crying then i am unsure how helpful. I do believe though you can get help and make it have far less of an effect on you.


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Hi, Woodsmoke. I know lots of people who are very sensitive about things in their own life and about upsetting things in the world at large...and they sometimes cry quite easily.

Imagine a big inflated tire innertube. If it gets punctured by something like a needle, the air will "leak out" - not in a big rush that flattens in quickly, but slowly. It might take a long time for all the air to get out. It might not even be noticeable that some air is leaking, at first.

Sometimes, if we hold in our feelings of hurt, sadness, confusion, anger for a long time, the moment something can start a small leak...since the leak doesn't get fixed, if something else also causes us to leak, we leak a bit more, and so on and so on. If the little puncture gets bigger, we leak a lot. Or if something sits on us near the little hole, there is added pressure from outside that makes us leak more.

I do not think you are baby or any sort of freak or developmentally challenged person. I think there is perhaps a lot of sad and upsetting things that you have kept close and quiet...and there's a little leak and when something triggers you (something puts more pressure near the puncture), you leak more feelings and tears.

@NYJmpMaster is quite right that maybe a professional could help you understand what is behind the tears. Sometimes good therapy allows us deflate that hidden innertube of feelings so we're not triggered to cry. When the innertube of our own "older stuff" has been deflated, we can often manage the new situations without older feelings surfacing.


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It's purely that when I feel I'm doing something wrong, about to screw up, don't understand something and feel utterly stupid and useless, the tears come. I need to know how to stop the tears. I want to be able to hold them back to let out later because releasing them right at that moment will only make me feel infinitely worse.
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