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    finally had a conversation with the ex-whom-I-still-love today. IMd him again when he got back on later and got no response, then he signed back off. Saw on a profile that he's logged into yahoo though, and of course my mind is trying to convince me that he was avoiding talking to me.

    I'm so sick of being so fucking paranoid, always so worried that people- especially he- are avoiding me. That's one of the reasons we broke up in the first place, my insecurities and paranoia. I hate the feeling and I hate constantly worrying about it and trying to calm my mind from jumping to conclusions. The only person I don't worry about all the time with that sort of thing is my best friend, and even with her I occasionally worry that I've angered her or pissed her off when I KNOW there's an explanation.

    Just needed to get that out, I'm sure almost everyone on here does the same thing. So pleasant, eh?
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    I am also still in love with my ex, only I'm sure they avoid me sometimes cuz I was pretty annoying about asking for them back.
    Have you had any insight into why you feel this way? Why you have this lack of trust with people?