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    Songie Well-Known Member is my life in a nutshell. My step dad is an abusive mother f*cker with strange sexual tendencies who seems to enjoy handcuffing me to the fence in our yard for a day or two at a time. My friends all seem to be mad at me because i'm staying there, but there really isnt much i can do about it. Shane, the guy i was with, got out of rehab october 18th and never called me. So im with Andrew now. He's a sweetheart, dont get me wrong, and i really love him. But its not helping me get out of my current living situation. do i get them to stop being mad at me for something i have absolutely no f*cking control over? do i beat them with the stupid stick? Naw, i cant do what the hell am i supposed to do? I cant get through this without my friends but i seem to be loosing more and more of them by the day. Even people that i met on here dont talk to me anymore, except for Grinded Serenity (*hugs for grinded serenity*)...but other than him, they have all just disappeared. Its like they know that there is nothing i can do about any of this so they dont see the point in talking to me anymore...the stupid f*ckers...sorry, no offense intended. so...seriously...what should i do? i dont want to leave Andrew here...but i know i have to leave. But i also have no where to f*ck...what do i do? seriously, someone please tell me...cuz im freaking confused. I have no where to run to unless i want to walk my skinny white ass to a different state to stay with god only knows who and then i would be risking putting myself in an even worse situation, although i dont know if thats possible...So...GRAH!!! Im frustrated.
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    Hey Sandra if you're friends are getting frustrated with you for not leaving then maybe it's time they stepped in and helped. I'm not sure of your age but there are options available to you.

    If you are too afraid to do anything about the abuse (not saying you can, I understand how you feel you have no other options, been there myself) then maybe your friends should be reporting it to the authorities. Then the blame cant be placed on you. If you are a minor then there are organizations that can step in and find you temporary safe shelter (foster care). If you are older then there are shelters that will keep you safe and help you find resources to enable you to move on and be independent.

    I know both are scary and seem impossible. But they are possible. I never ever believed I would escape my situation. I managed to with three little kids with me. It is hard at first, I'm not going to lie. The regrets and fears of what is going to happen. But there are so many resources out there. Once you see them for yourself, it gives you strength to try and move on. To try and be your own person for maybe the first time in your life. If you want to talk about it, drop me a pm. If nothing else, I'm a good listener and who knows maybe I'll have a few good pieces of advice that will help you take those first steps.