fs im back !strong language!

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    yea yea i said i wont come back etc etc

    rite i feel like fuckin shoutin rite now , im beyond angry and i feel like utter shit :mad:

    RITE me and a member on here (hazibell) have been goin out for over 2 years , everythin was fine , had the odd silly arguement here and their , as normal couples do , but this is the last fuckin straw , rite if sum ppl remember , i wasnt sure to move nearer to hazibell etc and i was thinkin and i said yea i'll move , NOW she says (not her actual words) that theirs no point me movin cuz i wont see her cuz she NEEDS to get a full time job , and she helps out with drama stuff at the weekend , ok lemme get this straight before any1 says anythin , i really dont mind her gettin a job , i WANT her to!!!!!! a job will do her good , get sum wages etc , but she says after work she'll just go home , not come round mine , and i said wat about a day off like the weekend, nope she helps out with drama , i asked her hows this relationship gonna work then, all she said was ''i dno''

    seriously considerin this is mother of all arguement she doesnt even seem slighly phased by this 1 bit! ive smoked 5 cigs in 10 mins im boilin with anger! it just seems like she just doesnt want me to move :sad:
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    maybe instead of looking at what she doesn't want, look at what she does want.

    ask her even. but it's in the way you ask her, and where you're asking her from.

    I've been in an extremely similar situation, and believe me, slow down just for a moment, and try to calm everything down so you can see it clearly. A move is a serious, serious big deal. Just keep that in mind, let it sort it out for you, it could be causeing her distress. if that were the case, would you feel her distress or your desire to move more?

    What im getting at is, your own desires can cloud you to the people you care about. Even when your strongest of desires feel like they will bring you closer together. Sometimes you have to put you aside and see the person you care about. And sometimes they arent so easily willing to show you, to be open..
    but try not to revert .

    Be supportive.. maybe the more you learn about why she wants to do these things, the more you two can share and connect on,
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    hey blake ,

    rite we've been talkin about me movin for a year or so now, only thing she doesnt want me movin down is cuz she says id be better of gettin experience living by myself here , considerin i havn't seen her in over a year now , me livin by myself and being able to save up to actually move to her area will take a good 2 years , so in total not seein her for 3 years!!!

    i can see wat u mean , ive asked her plenty of times if she feels uncomfortable me movin their , theirs a few issues which i will sort myself and i'll make that 100% clear to her, if she was distressed by me movin she wud of said so, and id put everythin on hault till i find out wat exactly is wrong and try to solve the problem, shes my number 1 priority

    its just everytime ive made plans theirs ALWAYS been sumthin that always stops me from goin, and it seems its always her end , like next month i was gonna visit her for a week , few days back i find out shes not even off college at all next month!! so i said ok wat about the summer holidays? NOPE! shes workin all summer holidays ,

    i do realise me moving is gonna change mine and her life ALOT and im not givin up alot (family issues etc)

    at first i thought i was being abit selfish, but is it so selfish tho? cuz i mean shes not gonna move into my place , i understand that shes not ready to move out and im not forcin her 1 bit , im the 1 spendin 1000s of pounds , im the 1 leavin my friends behind , surely im not being selfish am i?

    well she said to me via txt that shes got sumthin to say to me tonite, i aint got the faintest wat its gonna be

    oh the joys of an internet relationship :laugh: