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FSD aka female sexual dysfunction

morning rush

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is FSD a real disease? or was it created by pharmaceutical companies so they could make money by creating the magic pill that would solve all our sexual problems?

I just watched a documentary that looks at both sides of the medal:


if you click on a putlocker link you can watch it for free....

I liked it because it made me realize that I am normal, that women don't always orgasm through intercourse and that's normal...

and I agree that the best way to heal your sexual self is through knowledge, the more you know and are aware of yourself, your preference and (unlike what they show on tv we don't get orgasms on command) the better you will feel sexually among other things...

that was my thought, what do you think?
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Arguable, since "normal" sexual function is societally based. I wouldn't be surprised if in some cultures orgasms are/were considered abnormal in women.

I would definitely believe that some women have problems with orgasming more serious than it simply taking some work, though.

Personally, I'm completely inorgasmic in sex despite being male...


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I've heard of some women being able to have over 100 orgasms while others having a very difficult time just having one. With us guys, it's a bit more mechanical. Have you tried masturbating by yourself or with a sex toy? If you can't orgasm by yourself, you won't be able to during sex.

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