Fuck chamomile!

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  1. aoeu

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    Argh. So, I'm a chronic insomniac. Last night to try to get to sleep in time to be reasonably well rested for an early morning lab I consumed a cup of chamomile-based tea along with my Seroquel, and it was reasonably successful.

    However, my brain loooves substances, especially for sleeping. Chamomile is a substance. Since I did not consume chamomile tonight I can not sleep. And I got several hours fewer sleep last night than I should have. I'm so tired! This is all chamomile's fault! Damn chamomile to hell! :(

    Also, screw Seroquel. 300mg immediate release, and I still can't sleep! Do your friggin' job!
  2. total eclipse

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    time to go out and get you some more chamomile tea yes it does work for relaxing one and it is non addicting
  3. morning rush

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    I take 600mg of seroquel and it doesn't always work....I take effexor as well and its still not enough some days...so I take valerian pills...or rivotril...although rivotril is addictive..