fuck college

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  1. Shock

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    man fuck this. ive tried so hard to get into the course i want and everything now that ive finally made it i cant do it. God damn it im really really trying hard, ive blown off all my social life just to study and cut down work so im poor, but i just cant understand what they want me to do! i wish they just made a simple path with assessment that i could follow but they just make it so blurry and hard. for example, im doing a problem right now (and bear with me): we have to model a project that is meant to take two weeks, but the formulations Im supplied with (by listening in class, asking questions, clarifying and taking notes) give the total to be over 11 years! wtf?!?! i seriously cant have missed something that big, why cant they be more clear...last i heard it was their fucking job to teach not fuck up like this
  2. flowerpot

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    heyy i know what you mean sort of.. i'm still at school but it's the exact same. i hate how they give you instructions that aren't definate. i like it when you are giving strict instructions that tell you exactly how & what to do. it's so annoying how they give you a peice of paper that tells you what you need to do but not how or in what order & it's too confusing because i can't tell if i'm doing it right.. it's good when they tell you exactly what needs to be done, i hate when you have to interpret things for yourself.

    it's crap, i thought everything would be much easier this year because i thought i was doing what i wanted, but then i found alot of it too hard & just wanted to give up & drop out. my suggestion is talk to someone about it, it can help because they'll suggest things. also try talking to your teacher & get them to explain whatever you're having trouble with, but make sure they explain every little bit until it completely makes sense to you, then you'll feel alot better.

    good luck!
  3. Esmeralda

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    Ask for a meeting with your professor and explain the problems you are having. I'm sure he/she will be happy to help clarify things for you and get you on the right track.
  4. endlessskies58

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    talk to your professor and if he doesn't help you and gives you lip, go to the dean. you are not going to be jipped of your education because of one class... some professors are just idiots... i've had some major d**ks before... YOU are the one PAYING this jerk. he is supposed to help you. if he doesn't then don't let him ruin your college career, you ruin his career because he obviously doesn't care about his job or his students.

    if you are having problems then i'm sure other students are too. have you talked to any of them? maybe you can ALL talk to him. people are more intimidating in numbers... and usually if the whole class is against the teacher he will change without you having to go to a higher up like the dean... he doesn't want to get fired after all because that sweet little sheet you fill out at the end of the semester about that teacher is going to say too many nasty things about him and he doesn't want that from a whole class...