fuck everyone

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Lost?, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. Lost?

    Lost? Well-Known Member

    Fuck everyone. I have no one, I hate you all. Fuck this shit, I just want to die
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    we don't hate you.. why do you hate us??? all we want is for things to get better for you and you to be in shape to appreciate that.. tc, Jim
  3. crystalclear

    crystalclear Well-Known Member

    Im sorry you feel that way about us... We're willing to help even if don't like us... Would you like to share what's bothering you?
  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi Lost...did something happen to you recently? Hope you are safe
  5. Elizabeth162

    Elizabeth162 Member

    It's unacceptable to verbally abuse other members. Moderators?
  6. crystalclear

    crystalclear Well-Known Member

    maybe we should let it go for now, maybe he just needs to vent and displace his anger and frustration... I just hope he didn't harm himself
  7. Lost?

    Lost? Well-Known Member

    i'm sorry. i have no friends, no one actually cares about me. its all just fucking bullshit i dont want to be here anymore.
  8. Leiavalt

    Leiavalt Member

    - I am also miserable and alone. I also want to end this suffering that life is. I don't hate you, I feel sympathetic towards you because I know where you are now. You are not alone in being in this state. If you want to talk send me a PM.
  9. cc1990

    cc1990 Well-Known Member

    Join the club, everything sucks. I don't want to suffer or be alive anymore. :(
  10. RozeBlood

    RozeBlood Member

    I hate everything now, I didn't do anything I tolled everything, I toled my parents I will be home late. Dad had a go at me, and sai that I'm on drugs for not telling them that I will be late. For me not hearing everything, they never hear me saying anything, but want me to hear everything, ad cant pass a single second without shouting at me for every single little thing, evan when it's absolutely nothing. Both of my parents got on my last nerves, I felt like I will kill them, and my sister at same time. I almost went far enough to go to theyre room whyle they were sleeping, I already had a cooking knife, used to cut thick bones. But stoped in my tracs when I heard music, that I left on, surprisingly I could still hear it over my murderring thought's, music seems to be the only thing stoping me from a few things. And now I feel that next time, I will kill those 3. They don't deserve my temper, and my listening to theyre fucked up sotries, or them telling me off.

    LIstening to:
    Suicid Silance- you only live once.
    Snow Whyte's Poison Bite- Kristy Killing.
    Korn- Dead bodies everywhere. (mmmm...)

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