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fuck feelings

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you know... fuck them. fuck caring fuck wanting, fuck loving fuck dreaming..

screw feelings. screw guilt screw desire god i hate this crap. What honest good has this shit done for me? Be true to feelings? Feelings just drain the life out of you. I make more mistakes with feelings than i would with thinking. Both are screwy, but atleast thoughts are methodical and calculated.

Oh god screw thoughts too. god I hate everything just go the hell away. it's just ..

Just having a moment. It's all good... fucking feelings, they're another bloody universe



I've actually been "battling" through the same thing...but chose the opposite.

Logic and reason can only go so far, imho.
I chose to be okay with my feelings despite being deeply tested against logic, reason, and perceived reality. It's a state of limbo but once I let go, I know, in my heart and in my soul, that my feelings and intuition were just as valid.
Neither has to be negated, though dichotomous.

Where I go from here, I can't tell you right now.
I've been climbing my way out of this hole. But I'm climbing up instead of staying curled up underground. What I've been doing isn't working and I lost important parts of me. The parts that seem so cheesy and trite yet lifts me to a higher, more authentic self. I choose Love.
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