fuck feelings

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  1. justMe7

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    you know... fuck them. fuck caring fuck wanting, fuck loving fuck dreaming..

    screw feelings. screw guilt screw desire god i hate this crap. What honest good has this shit done for me? Be true to feelings? Feelings just drain the life out of you. I make more mistakes with feelings than i would with thinking. Both are screwy, but atleast thoughts are methodical and calculated.

    Oh god screw thoughts too. god I hate everything just go the hell away. it's just ..

    Just having a moment. It's all good... fucking feelings, they're another bloody universe
  2. total eclipse

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    wow i agree totally there dam feeling just confuse the hell out of me hugs to you
  3. Wow.

    I've actually been "battling" through the same thing...but chose the opposite.

    Logic and reason can only go so far, imho.
    I chose to be okay with my feelings despite being deeply tested against logic, reason, and perceived reality. It's a state of limbo but once I let go, I know, in my heart and in my soul, that my feelings and intuition were just as valid.
    Neither has to be negated, though dichotomous.

    Where I go from here, I can't tell you right now.
    I've been climbing my way out of this hole. But I'm climbing up instead of staying curled up underground. What I've been doing isn't working and I lost important parts of me. The parts that seem so cheesy and trite yet lifts me to a higher, more authentic self. I choose Love.