Fuck high school

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    Everyday, people harass me. There is nothing worse than seeing the girl that you've had a crush on since eighth grade flirt with another guy then say "Who's Trevor?" when passing out papers for the teacher. I constantly think of violence now. Homicide and suicide. I didn't want or ask for the fight that these pieces of shit have taken up with me since I first entered school. I've moved about six times and have gone to six different schools including the school I'm at now. All I wanted was to be liked. God fucking damn it. I know that guys aren't supposed to cry but I just spent the last hour in tears. My glasses got broken again in gym by some asshole. The only reprieve I get is for about 45 minutes a day, four friends and I play DnD at lunch. It's literally the only time of day people aren't making comments about me or tormenting me. I feel like taking my parent's pistol and putting a bullet in my brain. Why me? I didn't do anything to them and even though I've moved several times nothing has changed ever. Even outside of school at my job at Target, the other employees (aside from about three) just flat-out ignore me completely. I've given up trying to be friendly with them. This subforum is for rants so there you go. I hate society.
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    I whole heartidly agree with you. Society is one fucked up piece of shit. It's not exactly the same for me but I've had similiar experiences. It's like all you've ever done is try to be nice and make friends blah blah but no matter what you still get treated like shit and no one even gives a damn. Whats the point in trying?
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    I can really relate to you. I have the same problem. High school sux.
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    Hey Lund :]]

    I have one thing to say.. Society is a twisted, sick, fucked up thing :]]

    Since I started Primary School, I have always been the "reject". Primary School I was bullied for being fat, quiet, and more academically skillful than the rest of my class. At High School again, I was bullied for being quiet, intelligent, and fat (less so though as I entered into a world of weight lose...). Throw in being a total "geek" to the mix and being "different" to the surrounding in-bred nitwits (I liked music and art, not beating people up and fucking everyone in-sight), and there you have it, the best person to rip the shit out of possible :]] Now at college, and I don't get bullied so much, but I get ignored and laughed at.

    High school is a shitty place, the worst years ever sometimes. It can be hard. But you got to keep going, to get the grades, to get on with your life, and show the shit brains that bullied you how much better you are than them, and that whilst they are wasting away, doing nothing with their lives, you are going somewhere :]] Even if you don't want to carry on and get your grades, drop out, do something you want to do. Not what other's want you to hun :]]

    What year are you in? It's probably nearly over and you can leave them all behind. Treasure you're friends. Don't let them get to you hun.

    If you ever need to talk, PM me or something. I'll always listen :]]

    Take care and keep strong,
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