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Fuck it ALL!!!!

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Im done, i fucked up, we all know it, he may have started it, but i knew better, and i made the choice to go along with it. She should have never forgiven me. I will never forgive me, they all go along acting like its ok, but its not!!! I know it wasnt, they wont make excuses for me, i wont let them, not anymore. and dude, WTF???? when i say leave me alone i mean LEAVE ME ALONE!!! i cant take this, ive frostbitten again, 4 fucking weeks of trying so hard wasted, fuck it all, im done, ha, i always say this dont i, im done, maybe this time ill do it, i should, i should have when i was 9 and it all started going wrong, but im a selfish bitch, and i wont do it, ill stay here and cause pain, cuz im just the fucking devils worker. watch out for thorn, i try to make friends, but in the end i always hurt them, i somehow have the effect the have them shift the blame. All the shit i have isnt anyone else's fault, its MINE i deserved it, i dont belong here. I dont, not because i seem to piss everyone off or anything, but because its my fault, and im tired of acting like it is not. They wont delete my account, but i dont want you to remember me, if any chance at all, i must be remembered by who i am. otherwise delete me from here, i dont want to be here anymore, but i cannot leave, just as i cannot quit SIing. I cant do this anymore, ive walked this line, ive crawled it, ive tripped on it, but ill fall sooner or later. I have to die sometime. Hell if i make it out of highschool. I wont, i sure as hell better not, i shouldnt have made it past age 9. Now mother is making brother pissed off by using me, great. So now i get shit. Fuck this, im done. Dont reply. I dont want bullshit, i should have put this in diary, but fuck it, too much effort. Dont have it left in me.
Not open for further replies.

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