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fuck it!

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too much is winding me up! i can't calm down! i don't know why i'm getting like this. I don't want to talk to my psych about it, i just want to die!


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sweetie :hug: if u wanna talk or something i'm here, pm me. those people whatever they're doing they aren't worth your time hun :hug:


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hey eagle, ignore the asses....tell us whats up...what exactly is winding you up.

we need you here but sometimes dum dums in real life can distort your perception. ignore them, cut them out if they make you feel bad, they are not people you need in your life.

talk to us here and let us help. :hug:


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i'm sorry i've been gone a few days, i was off my meds and needed some time to myself. I have been on and off my meds thanks to the doctors surgery and pharmacy getting things wrong somewhere so i haven't exactly been stable :(

i have also been off because i took a load of meds i shouldn't have and ended up collapsing and had to be in bed for a few days. which is technically why i had none of those specific pills left
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