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So very tired of everything.
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Gotta do another damn heart test. Can't do it until the 31st. Halloween! Guess thats appropriate. Gotta go someplace I've never been. Insurance changes in January. So if I need a stent are they going to put it in before insurance change. I'm too damn old to believe in miracles. They really should just kill us old people. Put us gently to sleep. Like they do for dogs. It would save the world a hell of a lot of trouble.

And to the mundane. I pay over $100 a month for cable and Internet. Am having issues with TV and remote. Will Comcast help. Of course not. Why should they? They sure don't exist to provide quality customer service. All they do is rip you off.

Life sucks and then you die. Wish I would die soon.
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oh my @SillyOldBear I do hear you. there are times I just want to say f#@k it myself. things are so much harder when we get too be our age. we deal with one health crises and another one pops up. I do hear you. but we have to keep trying. your book of life isn't finished yet. and we should try to keep going to the very last page. and I hear you with cable/comcast. we had spectrum for internet and cable. I kept internet and said screw cable. I have a roku stick in every room instead and it's a lot cheaper. it's free after you buy the stick unless you want premium streaming....mike...*console*hug

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