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    I fucking hate myself, I fucking hate people who got the better end of deal in life than I. I fukcing hate my parents. WHY do I have such dumbass lame shit retarded fuck shit parents. They the reason I chose to see everything in negative light. And then I got fucked over before I know it.
    Why the fuck couldnt they be normal loving people.
    Im fucking 24, and Im a emotionally starved individual who is behind almost everyone in this life track. AND all THESE FUCKING YEARS it WAS SO PAINFUL AND FUKCING AWFUL all I COULD DO WAS SHUT MYSELF DOWN> So now im a real FUCKIGN LOSER NOW>
    THANKS, energy of the universe you made me to Im today. Hope YOU FUCKING enjoy the pain inflicting process YOU BITCH.
    Im yet to even to touch a girl, literally like on a hand or something. And im about to goddam shove life's fucking fatass jokes down its throat.
  2. ASkylitDrive

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    I know you are in alot of pain. I understand how your parents hurt you, I can honestly relate even though I'm only 17.
    If there is anything...anything at all I can do to help, let me know.
    Live sucks now, I know. But there is a balance. I know this is an overused line, but things WILL get better in the end.
    If you need a friend, a punching bag, a pillar..anything. I'm here for you okay? Its easy to find help in strangers.
  3. IV2010

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    I can hear your pain max999.....I'm sorry your life's been a s**t so far...I hope you'll stay and talk to us and let us try to help....
  4. total eclipse

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    Life is not fair do you understand it never has been so we have to take control we have to make things right for us. You deserve peace and happiness and help I hope you have some help to deal with all this pain and hate and suffering Get into therapy do something you and only you want to do bring some life to you okay make it happen
  5. Louis03

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    Raw deals come in different shapes and packages... If it's not your parents it can be some health problem or being born in some poor place. Some guys who born in bad homes, I guess you could say, they turn bad, all the way bad. Be glad if you are a good person, which you seem to be, and well, I wish you luck. You have to make your own luck as they say.
  6. Forgotten_Man

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    Preaching to the choir my friend. I feel like even if I sprint for the rest of my life I won't catch up to the rest of the world. The fact that I have to run this race on my own makes it worse. However, I still run... I will run till my legs give out. You should do the same. Obama right here with you.
  7. johnnysays

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    I have similar problems I suppose, but I blame all of them on myself.

    I love my parents. I don't want them to die, but they're getting older and every year is like a ticking clock. Universe is goddam indifferent. You never know which tick will be the last. I'm such a pathetic loser I'm still here living with them, making them worry about me. The one shining monument to humanity is that many of my peers in school moved on to become someone. At least not everyone is losing in life.

    Our generation is just as good as any other. There have always been losers and failures. I guess when I pass from this world I will meet them in their corner of the trash heap where hte rest of the blood suckers go to bottom feed. I will finally have friends.

    I don't know what will happen in my thus far wasted life, but I never wished harm on anyone. I only wished the best. I just hate myself.

    *peace sign* - for what it's worth because I'm too selfish and self-absorbed to help in any other way
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  8. Black Beauty

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    Hey, if it's womanly love you want then look up a guy called David DeAngelo. He was in your situation at 25 - basically had no women in his life, but he decided he wanted to turn that around and started 'cold-approaching' women on the street. He's now a professional dating coach and has laid probably hundreds, if not thousands, of women by now. Go to his website www.doubleyourdating.com and start reading his newsletter. Trust me, I'm in the same boat as you - the closest I ever got to a girl was trying to kiss her and then having her slap me so we all have areas in our lives where we should try to improve before doing anything like commit suicide.
  9. Daphna

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    Hey there, I can see that you are angry and hurt. Things can turn around for you. I went from being a homeless stripper to having the life I always used to deny myself. I have a home and family with a man that treats me right, and a stable spiritual rock to help me through the rough times. I wasn't always like this, I used to be exactly where you are today. If there is hope for me, there is hope for anyone. Don't give up friend. :) I am here if you need to talk. Blessings..