Fuck My Life

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    well i cut my self recently and its probally been the worst so far. My friend kayla told some people and one of my classmates over heard the next day she said "show me your arms" so i did i asked her how she knew she said she was physic fucking bullshit. She is about as physic as my mom is nice. Soooo she ratted on me i was called down to guidence i was put with mrs.R so i thought oh were gonna talk about my grades as usaul. I was wrong she has to call my mom and tell her what i did my mom asked me stupid shit just straight up made me want to cry then the phone diconnected so i thought maybe she was crying. Well i got home she's asleep as usaul and im crying texting people who actally care about me i was so scared. She says everyday shes gonna check my arms. Its funny she wasnt sad or worried no she was mad and yelled at me then she said later when she was complaining so its okay for you not to do your chores but its okay for you to cut i wanted to smack her. would it ever occur to her that i cut myself because of her? i guess not well maybe she should. She told my dad and told him to look at my arm he didnt seem to care am i surprised no. I mean thats my dad for you hell i looked in one of his old jurnoals and you know what i found "march 17 1996 here i have this baby girl in my arms and all i can think about is running away from it all" real nice huh? i was 9 months old at the time its nice to know im so wanted. Hell moms always shoving me somewhere away from her and dad never wants me to talk yea great family. So yea got caught not happy all i want to do is find my ex who im still madly heartbreakingly insanely in love with and go back to when we were together where i could cry without feeling pathetic oh well i didnt deserve her anyways maybe its for the best
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    Nope, such an intelectual breakthrough is beyond capabilities of maternal brains. Learn to live with it :hug:
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    why am i not surprised ...ill try to thanks for the advice
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    Hasn't anyone tell you most of us are mistakes?? you were born 96 same year as my little sister so your around 14 some advice you should really stop cutting yourself because in a couple years your going to be hot and your gonna to strongly regret that...another thing I hope your not fucking that guy.. well i was fucking girls at that age but use protection you dont want a Mistake of your own, and if your still a virgin stay a virgin till around 18 or marrige trust me youll thank me later
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    okay im 15 just thought i should clear that up lol im stupid. and yea me hot pffft you'd have a better chance making bigfoot hot